SWISSCAST with Suhaib Webb

SWISSCAST with Suhaib Webb

Islam, Faith, Courses and Current Issues

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    Foundations, Pedagogy and Seeking Knowledge: A Brief Look al-Al-Maqari's Text on Creed Part 1

    The text, إضاءة الضجنة في اعتقاد أهل السنة is a crucial, intermediate text that covers issues of belief and studying theology. I teach it to fourth-year students at my school, SWISS, which is online. I am currently running a summer session that I broadcast live on my Facebook wall Tues-Thursday at 430 pm, Eastern Standard Time.

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    Ramadān and The Future of Religious Education for English Speaking Muslims

    As Ramadān quickly approaches it is vital to get in the zone: to be prepared before the month starts. Since it is the month of the Qur'an, it is essential that we reflect on one of its central components: knowledge. As our numbers grow in the West, our public engagement is going to increase, forcing us to move our faith from a private setting to the public square. How? Without education, we risk losing our faith in the name of acceptance, and without understanding society, we risk muting our voice from public spaces it could benefit.

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    FOCUS GROUP #1: College Students Share Their Needs and Hopes

    As I establish and continue to re-vamp the SWISS curriculum, I employed a model that engages learners, making them the teachers. That allows me to listen, take constructive criticism and hear the hopes, needs and questions of people. That is important because pedagogy must respect sociology. This is the last part of a session that I requested college students to break into groups and reflect on a series of questions.

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    Stops on The Path Part Four: Allāh's Love & Disruptive Moments

    The great secret of creation rests in front our eyes. Yet, with so much "going on" we may fail to see it. God's love is manifest in disruptive moments - success or trials, that remind us to look deeper and see with ihsān that secret: that all things are powered by one God; Allāh who is the only one worthy of worship.

    How can we understand Allah's love and what are its signs?

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    Friday Lights: Love & Sin

    Allah's love is an indication of His every lasting will. What are its signs and why is being aware of sin one of His greatest gifts?

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    Moving Towards God: Sheikh Ahmed Zaruq’s Foundations of the Seeker #1

    In an age marked by outrage and trauma, keeping an eye on God is difficult. Sidi Ahmed Zarquq wrote about this five hundred years ago, laying down the foundations of the spiritual path, rooting them with our imaginations, understandings, and Islam’s sacred sources.

    In this course, you will learn how to understand the differences that rock the Muslim community, how to organize your time and set yourself up for a life of service and travel upon the path to God, “And to your Lord is the final stop.” Qur’an 53:42

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    Blurred Lenses: Problematic Individual and Institutional Outlooks & Practices

    As the American Muslim community has swerved from its early course, one that was led by passionate activists who were tethered to religious foundations, to one thirsting for acceptance, it may, out of an attempt at survival have adopted attitudes that run contrary to its faith's foundations. What are those challenges and how can we tend to them with compassion and discipline?

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    Foundations and Reflections Sura Yasīn Part 5: Education and Sophistication

    Sura Yasīn flips the scrip; it moves from addressing the Prophet and his community, to tell a story about a city similar to his; and now, suddenly it returns to teaching his community. Why? What does that tell us about the sophistication of the Qur'anic message and the deliberate excellence we need if we want to stand in the office of Prophethood?

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    Ramblings for the Political Motivated

    How can we free our theology from the bounds caste in the late 60's, and most recently after 9/11? By releasing it, I mean, as Vincent W. Lloyd wrote, "To attempt to speak honestly in God's name."

    Why are efforts to wrestle our faith until it submits its voice to the notions of the left or the right a failure to uphold the balance and truth of prophethood,; and why are unchecked identity politics a threat to our unity as a community as well as the country when they are not nuanced and cleansed with the language and foundations of Faith and our scholarly heritage? That and more.

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    Foundations and Reflections: Surah Yasin #3 Part 2

    Umma is a word we say often without consideration for its components and investment. While financial donations are still robust in communities, the numbers of trained, disciplined and organized volunteers are not. I address that, as well as a number of contemporary concerns around religious freedom in light of Sura Yasin

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    Friday Sermon #1: The World Cup and Your World

    God created the earth and the heavens as a home for us, filling it with infinite resources and talents. How can that serve us as we frame our attitude towards life, our talents and service to others?

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    Born Free: Muslim Led Slave Revolts in the Americas and The Prison Industrial Complex with Margarita Rosa

    In the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries Senegambian Muslims were led by their sheikhs to revolt across the Western Hemisphere against Spanish slavery. In their efforts rests the earliest liberation theology put to work: An approach that refused to accept bondage as anything but antithetical to faith; and saw faith synonymous with freedom.

    What followed was a legal logic that justified mass-murdering those Muslim slaves, banning them from those lands, sending many back to Africa and mass incarceration.

    As those policies morphed, and the world changed, we are facing a different type of slavery under a system that has graduated from mass incarceration to what Vincent Lloyd called ”hyper-incarceration” and still focuses on black people. As Muslims, we have a religious duty to stand against this modern-day slavery as our ancestors did three hundred years ago, working for justice and a fair system.

    In this episode, I sit down with Margarita Rosa to discuss those revolts and how faithful people must push for prison abolition and justice people of colour here and abroad. Did you know that even though they we in bondage, those brothers and sisters paid zakat to free other slaves?

    In this episode, I sit down with Margarita Rosa to discuss those revolts and how faithful people must push for prison abolition and justice for all people.

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    No One Can Be Too Brave: A Conversation with Dalia al-Najar, Razan al-Najar's Cousin

    On June 1st Razan al-Najjar sat off, as she had done before, to serve her land and her people. She was a self-educated, first responder in one of the most dangerous places in the world

    She was exhausted. The day before she came home covered in blood, and it was Ramadan, so she was fasting. But her bravery and passion could not be extinguished. She was resilient, brave

    Sadly, as many of you know, she was murdered that day. Shot by an Israeli sniper, who until now remains free and uncharged. Razzan was only twenty-one years old.

    As soon as it happened, I knew that it was essential to share Razan’s story. She stood for female empowerment, education, peace and an end to occupation and genocide, so I reached out to her family

    In this week’s episode of SwissCast, I talk with Dalia al-Najjar, Razan’s cousin. In an emotional interview, we discussed life under Israeli occupation, what it feels like to be Gazan, Razan’s life and legacy and how we can support her foundation for empowering and educating young girls in Gaza @launchgood

    She was exhausted; the day before she came home covered in blood; it was Ramadan; she was fasting, but her drive and passion could not be extinguished. She was resilient, strong and she loved life

    Sadly, as many of you know, she was murdered that day. Shot by an Israeli sniper, who until now remains free and uncharged. She was only twenty-one years old

    As soon as it happened, I knew that it was essential to share Razzan’s story. She stood for female empowerment, education, peace and an end to occupation and genocide. I was worried that her legacy would be manipulated, retold and reconstructed to justify her death. So I reached out to her family to get her story

    In this week’s episode of SwissCast, I talk with Dalia al-Najjar, Razzan’s cousin. In an emotional interview, we discussed life under Israeli occupation, what it feels like to be Gazan, Razan’s life and legacy and how we can support her foundation for empowering and educating young girls in Gaza @launchgood

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    Foundations and Reflections: Sura Yasin Part 2

    "Who are your people?" is an important question because it forces us to think, not only about "our people," but ourselves; if we don't know who we are, then we cannot identify our folk; and if we can't do that, then we are not living up to our responsibility as a Prophetic community. That relationship locates us as spiritual and social agitators, empowered by faith to call to the truth. The opening verses of Sura Yasin compel us to think about that and other important concepts.

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    On Love, Life and Literature #1: Friendship

    LIterature is an important ingredient of religious literacy. It animates it, aligning our lives on the earth with transcendent teachings from the heavens. In this series, I share with you my love of Arabic literature by choosing excerpts from poetry, prose and much more. I hope this will open a window to great works of literature and philosophy, inspiring you to delve deeper into the Arabic language, improving your love and life.

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    Being Woke #3: Confronting Injustice

    Confronting injustice is a topic that continues to come up amongst Muslims, especially after the Arab Spring, recent changes in Turkey and Malaysia as well as the disasters of pseudo jihadist groups

    Some contend that politics and religion don’t mix; communities should wait until God gives them a way out, while others believe that violence against anyone justifies establishing “their” political order that is based on justice

    Resting in the middle are the masses; the vital center who feel compelled by their nature to stand for truth, by being cautious how because of loyalty to religion. What do to?

    In tomorrow’s podcast I address some of those concerns as well as standing for justice as a historical backdrop to Islam, is there a difference between legitimate confrontation of injustice and sedition and how do we contextualize classical religious concerns with contemporary demands and much more

    If you haven’t listened to the first two episodes of Being Woke, I encourage you to do so

    You can find my podcast: SwissCast on apple podcast, the google store, and Spotify. If you don’t have any of those, you can listen at

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    Zakat al-Fitr and Battling Poverty

    As we exit the month of fasting, we are commanded to perform one last act; one more sacrifice: Zakat al-Fitr. What is Zakat al-Fitr, how do we pay it and what are some of the issues around it that are important to American Muslim Communities?

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    Living Light: Mona Bennani on Practicing a Zero Waste Life Style

    It is dangerous to reduce spirituality to fashionable styles of dress and talk or an abstraction, where a seeker lives his faith vicariously through concepts, a group or holy men. Spirituality is work; hard work and discipline.

    In this episode, I chat with Monna Bennani about an act of spiritual resistance that is important: living a zero waste lifestyle

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    Not So Fast: Is This The End of Time Part 1

    In recent months, especially with Trump's tragic victory, conflicts in the world and the continued assault of secularization upon religious freedoms, people have begun to ask, "Is this the end of time?"

    While undoubtedly certain, if handled irresponsible or sloppily, a reading of doom may cause serious problems. Islam's approach to the end of times is more detailed and exhaustive than any other faith. What does Islam say about the end of times, how do we recognize the signs of the world's end, how do we engage those texts, and what type of attitude should they create? This episode of SwissCast seeks to provide some answers.

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    Get in the Zone: A Chat with Imam Marc Manley on Community and Fasting

    In this episode, I chat with Imam Marc Manley of the Middle Ground Podcast and Community. Imam Marc leads a community in Southern California where he teaches, gives Friday sermons and guides others. We discuss a host of issues in this podcast from being an Imam in America, the Month of Ramadan and how to make it special.

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    Being Woke #2: Beyond Woke

    Being woke is a term popularized recently popularized by activists. In my first podcast "Being Woke" I noted that the idea of wakefulness appears deep in Islam's spiritual tradition. But what next? The tradition is not meant to be accepted and romanticized. It should serve as an inspirational guide for us to write traditions for those who will come after us. Thus, in this podcast, I begin to address what lies "Beyond woke."

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    Foundations and Reflections: Sura Yasin Part 1

    The Qur'an is heavenly constructed but socially located. Meaning we are responsible for thinking about it and reflecting it on our lives, and the communities around us. And just as the heart is central to our physical health, Sura Yasin is central to our faith!

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    Rotten Roots: America Legal Structures & Islamophobia with Dr. Khaled Beydoun

    I chat with Dr. Khalid Beydoun to discuss his latest book, American Islamophobia. In what turned out to be an almost hour-long conversation, we touch on his definition of Islamophobia, what a post-racial, post-religious Obama world means for American Muslims, Trump and white supremacy, anti-blackness in the American Muslim community, CVE, the fear that some religious leaders have of the left, and much more

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    Friday Sermon: The Night Journey & Sacred Resistance

    There are numerous lessons we can take from the Night Journey of the Prophet (sa). This sermon shares some of them, along with some conditions to ensure a person's activism is aligned with Prophetic values..

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    Swiss Cast #4: Islam & Environmental justice

    Consumption and population growth have gravely impacted our world, wreaking havoc on ecosystems and resources, while creating strains on communities who struggle to access those resources, while relying on them for survival. How can we be allies to the underserved, seeing our care and concern for the environment as an essential weapon in defense of it while guaranteeing hat communities will have fair access to its benefits?

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    Consumption and Environmental Justice: Revival & Reform #4

    In this lesson, I focus on one of the greatest threats to our earth: consumption. As I reflected over Ibn Jawzi's words on the dangers of gluttony and opulence, I began to ask myself, "How can religious ethics guide me to shop and eat so I can reduce my negative impact on the environment?" If I were to plug the ethics presented in the text, how would they address living responsibly as a resident on earth?

    How are you working for environmental justice and towards shrinking your negative impact on the environment?

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    God's Plan: Giving, Exhibition and Intentions

    Drake's video for "God's Plan" is powerful, showing him giving away nearly $1 million throughout the city of Miami. It is moving; the artist said, "It is the most important thing I've ever done." And while it has generally received praise from pundits, fans and religious leaders, some voiced concerns with it. I address that and more in this podcast.

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    Being Woke #1

    Scholars of Islam noted that the first stop on the path to a relationship with God is being "Woke." Woke is a term organizers popularized, especially since the presidential election of 2017. What is Islam's idea of woke, what are its components, guidelines, and potentials?

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    SwissCast with Suhaib Webb: Guns, Walls and Patriarchy

    Conversations around guns having taken an intense turn since early February. In this episode I address that along with the misapplication of a religious axiom, often used by the misinformed to harm women.

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    SwissCast with Suhaib Webb: Introduction to Surah Fatiha #1

    The Quran’s first chapter, the Opener represents a gateway to a purpose driven life, rooted in learning, faith, worship, and character. In this first reflection, Suhaib Webb helps us enter into a relationship with this chapter that helps us start a relationship with faith and scripture.

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    SWISSCast with Suhaib Webb : Reflections on Spiritual Growth and Reform #1

    Professional challenges, as well as a toxic religious environment, compelled al-Ghazzali to write his most famous work. How would he react to today's life? A life filled with opulence, shallow religious analysis, and divisions? How do we calibrate a concern for our soul in an age where some are claiming the soul does not exist?

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