SWISSCAST with Suhaib Webb

SWISSCAST with Suhaib Webb

Islam, Faith, Courses and Current Issues

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    Being Woke #1

    Scholars of Islam noted that the first stop on the path to a relationship with God is being "Woke." Woke is a term organizers popularized, especially since the presidential election of 2017. What is Islam's idea of woke, what are its components, guidelines, and potentials?

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    SwissCast with Suhaib Webb: Guns, Walls and Patriarchy

    Conversations around guns having taken an intense turn since early February. In this episode I address that along with the misapplication of a religious axiom, often used by the misinformed to harm women.

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    SwissCast with Suhaib Webb: Introduction to Surah Fatiha #1

    The Quran’s first chapter, the Opener represents a gateway to a purpose driven life, rooted in learning, faith, worship, and character. In this first reflection, Suhaib Webb helps us enter into a relationship with this chapter that helps us start a relationship with faith and scripture.

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    SWISSCast with Suhaib Webb : Reflections on Spiritual Growth and Reform #1

    Professional challenges, as well as a toxic religious environment, compelled al-Ghazzali to write his most famous work. How would he react to today's life? A life filled with opulence, shallow religious analysis, and divisions? How do we calibrate a concern for our soul in an age where some are claiming the soul does not exist?

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