SWISSCAST with Suhaib Webb

SWISSCAST with Suhaib Webb

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    Living Light: Mona Bennani on Practicing a Zero Waste Life Style

    It is dangerous to reduce spirituality to fashionable styles of dress and talk or an abstraction, where a seeker lives his faith vicariously through concepts, a group or holy men. Spirituality is work; hard work and discipline.

    In this episode, I chat with Monna Bennani about an act of spiritual resistance that is important: living a zero waste lifestyle

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    Not So Fast: Is This The End of Time Part 1

    In recent months, especially with Trump's tragic victory, conflicts in the world and the continued assault of secularization upon religious freedoms, people have begun to ask, "Is this the end of time?"

    While undoubtedly certain, if handled irresponsible or sloppily, a reading of doom may cause serious problems. Islam's approach to the end of times is more detailed and exhaustive than any other faith. What does Islam say about the end of times, how do we recognize the signs of the world's end, how do we engage those texts, and what type of attitude should they create? This episode of SwissCast seeks to provide some answers.

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    Get in the Zone: A Chat with Imam Marc Manley on Community and Fasting

    In this episode, I chat with Imam Marc Manley of the Middle Ground Podcast and Community. Imam Marc leads a community in Southern California where he teaches, gives Friday sermons and guides others. We discuss a host of issues in this podcast from being an Imam in America, the Month of Ramadan and how to make it special.

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    Being Woke #2: Beyond Woke

    Being woke is a term popularized recently popularized by activists. In my first podcast "Being Woke" I noted that the idea of wakefulness appears deep in Islam's spiritual tradition. But what next? The tradition is not meant to be accepted and romanticized. It should serve as an inspirational guide for us to write traditions for those who will come after us. Thus, in this podcast, I begin to address what lies "Beyond woke."

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    Foundations and Reflections: Sura Yasin Part 1

    The Qur'an is heavenly constructed but socially located. That means that we are responsible for thinking about it and reflecting on our lives, and the communities around us.

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