SWISSCAST with Suhaib Webb

SWISSCAST with Suhaib Webb

Islam, Faith, Courses and Current Issues

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    Ramadān and The Future of Religious Education for English Speaking Muslims

    As Ramadān quickly approaches it is vital to get in the zone: to be prepared before the month starts. Since it is the month of the Qur'an, it is essential that we reflect on one of its central components: knowledge. As our numbers grow in the West, our public engagement is going to increase, forcing us to move our faith from a private setting to the public square. How? Without education, we risk losing our faith in the name of acceptance, and without understanding society, we risk muting our voice from public spaces it could benefit.

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    FOCUS GROUP #1: College Students Share Their Needs and Hopes

    As I establish and continue to re-vamp the SWISS curriculum, I employed a model that engages learners, making them the teachers. That allows me to listen, take constructive criticism and hear the hopes, needs and questions of people. That is important because pedagogy must respect sociology. This is the last part of a session that I requested college students to break into groups and reflect on a series of questions.

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    Stops on The Path Part Four: Allāh's Love & Disruptive Moments

    The great secret of creation rests in front our eyes. Yet, with so much "going on" we may fail to see it. God's love is manifest in disruptive moments - success or trials, that remind us to look deeper and see with ihsān that secret: that all things are powered by one God; Allāh who is the only one worthy of worship.

    How can we understand Allah's love and what are its signs?

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