SWISSCAST with Suhaib Webb

SWISSCAST with Suhaib Webb

Islam, Faith, Courses and Current Issues

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    Moving Towards God: Sheikh Ahmed Zaruq’s Foundations of the Seeker #1

    In an age marked by outrage and trauma, keeping an eye on God is difficult. Sidi Ahmed Zarquq wrote about this five hundred years ago, laying down the foundations of the spiritual path, rooting them with our imaginations, understandings, and Islam’s sacred sources.

    In this course, you will learn how to understand the differences that rock the Muslim community, how to organize your time and set yourself up for a life of service and travel upon the path to God, “And to your Lord is the final stop.” Qur’an 53:42

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    Blurred Lenses: Problematic Individual and Institutional Outlooks & Practices

    As the American Muslim community has swerved from its early course, one that was led by passionate activists who were tethered to religious foundations, to one thirsting for acceptance, it may, out of an attempt at survival have adopted attitudes that run contrary to its faith's foundations. What are those challenges and how can we tend to them with compassion and discipline?

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