SWISSCAST with Suhaib Webb

SWISSCAST with Suhaib Webb

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    Rotten Roots: America Legal Structures & Islamophobia with Dr. Khaled Beydoun

    I chat with Dr. Khalid Beydoun to discuss his latest book, American Islamophobia. In what turned out to be an almost hour-long conversation, we touch on his definition of Islamophobia, what a post-racial, post-religious Obama world means for American Muslims, Trump and white supremacy, anti-blackness in the American Muslim community, CVE, the fear that some religious leaders have of the left, and much more

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    Friday Sermon: The Night Journey & Sacred Resistance

    There are numerous lessons we can take from the Night Journey of the Prophet (sa). This sermon shares some of them, along with some conditions to ensure a person's activism is aligned with Prophetic values..

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    Swiss Cast #4: Islam & Environmental justice

    Consumption and population growth have gravely impacted our world, wreaking havoc on ecosystems and resources, while creating strains on communities who struggle to access those resources, while relying on them for survival. How can we be allies to the underserved, seeing our care and concern for the environment as an essential weapon in defense of it while guaranteeing hat communities will have fair access to its benefits?

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    Consumption and Environmental Justice: Revival & Reform #4

    In this lesson, I focus on one of the greatest threats to our earth: consumption. As I reflected over Ibn Jawzi's words on the dangers of gluttony and opulence, I began to ask myself, "How can religious ethics guide me to shop and eat so I can reduce my negative impact on the environment?" If I were to plug the ethics presented in the text, how would they address living responsibly as a resident on earth?

    How are you working for environmental justice and towards shrinking your negative impact on the environment?

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    God's Plan: Giving, Exhibition and Intentions

    Drake's video for "God's Plan" is powerful, showing him giving away nearly $1 million throughout the city of Miami. It is moving; the artist said, "It is the most important thing I've ever done." And while it has generally received praise from pundits, fans and religious leaders, some voiced concerns with it. I address that and more in this podcast.

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